Spanish engineers will be recognized in Portugal

The General Council of Official Colleges of Industrial Engineers (CGCOII) signed an agreement with its homologous professional organization in Portugal, la Orden dos Engenheiros (OE).

The purpose of this agreement is to expedite and guarantee the process of recognition of the professional titles of Industrial Engineers registered of the CGCOII and the Engineers registered in the Order of Engineers, so that they can practice the profession in both countries.

In order to pursue the profession of engineer in Portugal in the specialities of Mechanical, Electrotechnical and Chemical and biological, it is necessary to belong to the OE, which has assumed the formal commitment to admit as members and grant the title of Engineer, in one of the specialties referred, to applicants who are full members of the CGCOII. Also the Portuguese engineers will see streamlined the procedure of recognition of its title in Spain.

Board of Deans of the Council of Industrial Ingeneiros were in the event, in which the President Miguel Iriberri Vega signed the agreement. On behalf of Portugal signed the Bastonário of the Order of Engineers Carlos Mineiro Aires, who was accompanied by Vice President Fernando de Almeida Santos, the President of the College of Electrotechnics Jorge Liça, the President of the Mechanics College Aires Ferreira and the President of the College Of Chemical and Biological Luis Araujo.

From now on, any Spanish collegiate industrial engineer who wants to work in Portugal, must contact the Council that will manage his file in front the Order. This establishes a line of collaboration between the two organizations that will hold follow-up meetings in order to make easier the exercise of the profession between both countries.