About Us

Welcome to the Catalan Engineers international meeting point!

The Catalan Engineers Worldwide Association is working hard to help Catalan engineers living abroad. Our goal is to create an international network of contacts and we wish to offer you as many services as possible to help you with your professional and personal requirements while living abroad. In order to do this, we would highly appreciate your collaboration and feedback.
Each country or business sector has different needs and realities and you are in a much better position to know about them. This is why we would like to hear from you.
Join us in this challenging and exciting project!
Welcome to the Catalan Engineers Worldwide website. Welcome home.
Carles Palomo
President of the International Commission of EIC


  • To create an international network of Catalan engineers, throughout all branches of our profession, to get to know each other and to optimise the personal, professional, and business synergies that may arise. 
  • To encourage networking among local and international companies through the engineers working in them.
  • To weave the social fabric and create a family support structure, to strengthen community ties and the sense of belonging among the expatriates found in each country. 
  • To increase the visibility and renown of Catalan engineering throughout the world using the Catalan Engineers Worldwide platform, to offer interesting content on a regular basis, to increase searches on the web, and to renew and expand its content and network of collaborators. To create a database of Catalan engineering professionals worldwide.
  • To offer the EIC’s services and products that respond to the specific needs and concerns of this group.


  • To turn the Catalan Engineers Worldwide (CEW) platform into the meeting point for all engineering professionals living and working around the globe.
  • To turn the International Commission of the COEIC into an essential support for the professional, business, and family needs of the Catalan engineers abroad.


  • Service orientation
  • Encouragement of networking
  • Transparency 
  • Accessibility
  • Teamwork