Improving Rural Electrification in Suriname

For decades, a high-voltage transmission line has passed through the Amerindian village of Powakka, located in the district of Para in Suriname, without benefiting the community. The 161kV transmission line transports to Paramaribo the electricity generated by the Afobaka Hydropower Plant, historically the country’s main source of electricity. However, the village never had a 24-hour formal electricity supply service until December 2016.


Towards clean and smart mobility

Transport plays a critical role in the way we live. Our food, clothes and household waste all need to be transported, contributing to our economy and quality of life. But the increasing use of planes, cars and other fossil-fuel dependent modes of transport is causing more pollution, putting at risk our environment and health. The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) Signals 2016 explores how Europe’s carbon-dependent transport sector can be turned into a clean and smart mobility system.


EU-China agree to boost energy cooperation

The EU and China have agreed to strengthen their energy cooperation up to 2020. In the margins of the G20 energy ministerial meeting in Beijing, the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete, and Nur Bekri, Director of the Chinese National Energy Administration agreed on a EU-China Energy Roadmap , where both parties committed to tackle common energy and climate challenges including security of energy supply, energy infrastructure and market transparency.