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One step forward

I would like to open this editorial with one of Laozi's most famous quotes:


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

It was with a single step that the China Group began 5 years ago - a meeting of four engineers keen to bring the reality of China to the Catalan Association of Industrial Engineers (COEIC), which resulted in a series of commitments: producing a monthly publication; holding seminars at the Association with experts in business with China; fostering networking between Catalan expatriate engineers in China and Catalan engineers interested in Chinese culture, and step by step helping Catalan engineers to learn more about both Chinese culture and its job and business opportunities.

Since that 9th December 2010, we have held many meetings, organised many seminars, many Catalan expatriate engineers have come on board as correspondents, and this is already the 20th issue of the group's bimonthly magazine, Engineering News China.

It has taken five years of hard work and effort to get us here, but there is no doubt that it has been really worth it. The China Group has been a major step forward in making the Association more international, from where we can now take another step up to a higher level, towards a new, more global project. We are moving from a single China Group to set up several groups at international level to connect with as many Catalan expatriate engineers as possible worldwide, creating groups in various countries and a meeting point for everyone to enable networking between us all. This allows us to get to know each other better, to delve deeper into the various cultures of the countries we work in, and to discover new professional and business opportunities worldwide.

To achieve all our goals, we have been working on a new international website for the last few months. It will have specific sections for each country with contact details and articles on culture and business and technology news highlights for each, with the benefits afforded by the website format. This is not only a step forward for the China Group, but also another step forward for the Catalan Association of Industrial Engineers on its path to internationalisation.

I hope you enjoy this last newsletter.

See you soon on the new international website!