AQPE member


Individual registration as a member of the AQPE

The PEQ certificate (Professional Engineer), issued by AQPE, guarantee the level of competence in a particular area, in contrast and as a complement of university degrees which prove our training and that enables us to practise.

Be an AQPE member will provide you the right to:

  • Benefit from discounts for obtaining professional AQPE certifications
  • Receive personalized advice on your certification
  • Access to an exclusive social network of engineering field, sharing experiences
  • Have a private documentation repository of your professional life
  • Use the seal AQPE member in cards or CV which accredits you as a professional of Engineering

In order to become a member you just need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Register as an user: (you will receive an email to activate your account)
  2. Login as a new user and register as a member